bulletproof shield for home defense

  • They Won’t Be Laughing When You’re Fully Shielded

    bulletproof shield for home defense

    You could be walking down the street with this lightweight 'contraption' in front of you. And just listen to them laughing at you. They're so cheerful about your bulletproof shield for home defense purposes. Home defense will be extending beyond your home, to the curb of your pavement and down the road where you live. It's a crime-infested area and the law enforcement agencies have got their hands full. And so it goes that someone laughs at you. And then it hits him. The bullet. But you dodged it completely.

    That's because you've protected yourself with a lightweight ballistic shield. Here you've got home protection and sidewalk protection. You never mind what the neighbors may think of you and you only mind yourself and your family. You and they come first. Family safety is priority number one. In a crime-infested area, you or one of your family members may well be caught in the line of fire as innocent passersby but never innocent bystanders. Standing by and watching the drama unfold is just so foolhardy.

    In the line of fire, you will always stand a better chance of surviving. The ballistic shield that you use is a tried and tested apparatus that is used by the professionals. Among the professionals are your law enforcement agency officers. If they are using bulletproof shields for protection, then you know. If it's good for them, it's good for you. You don't see anyone laughing at them. Unless of course they happen to be thugs. They will be arrested in due course so let them have their laughs. Soon, they'll have all the time in the world to laugh because they'll all be behind bars.

    And you can laugh too. Better to be safe than sorry.